Digistar is an NCE Upgrade Center


DigistarDCC is pleased to be named as an official ProCab-R and Cab04x-R upgrade center.

Version 1.5 Radio Upgrade's can be obtained by sending the item to the address listed below.

Include a check for $25.00 for each of the cabs. Only include the Cab. Antenna, cables, or batteries are not needed.

Include a return address and phone number and an Email if you have one.

Upgrades for PowerCab throttles are available to convert them to wireless compatible. The charge for the conversion is $85.00.

New 1/4 Wave antenna's can be purchased from us for $9.00 or ordered from Digikey. The part number is ANT-916-CW-RH-ND. www.digikey.com


Timothy I. Maslyn
Digistar DCC
10332 Bedford Road
Spring Hill, FL 34608